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The Benefits of Playing Lacrosse

Perhaps you have not heard of the lacrosse sport. But it has been around for a long time mostly in the eastern part of the country but now getting popular on the west coast as well. Lacrosse was originally known as stickball. And stickball players were seen as warriors bringing honor to their tribes with a win. If you don’t know this sport well, let us look at some of the benefits of playing lacrosse.

Lacrosse is a high-intensity sport. You need to have strength and speed to be able to run up and down the field. Because of its high level of activity, the body gains all the benefits. You burn a lot of calories playing lacrosse. And when calories are burned, then the body uses stored fat for energy. This will lead to weight loss. It is also very difficult to catch the ball with just the stick and throw it to the goal with force. This requires a lot of strength. So Lacrosse is a sport that will benefit your body a lot.

Another great benefit of playing lacrosse is the teamwork that is promoted in the game. It is a together game. You strategize together, train together, and score together. You get to develop deep friendships with your team members that even when you are out of the field, the friendship continues. And these deep friendships help players develop lifelong skills. They learn cooperation, taking responsibility for their actions, and performing together to reach a higher goal.

When playing lacrosse all the muscles in your body are working. Whether you are throwing a lacrosse ball or swinging the stick, you need to work your arms while running. You need to chase the ball and bend in different directions thus working out your core muscles. What a great way to have a full-body workout.

Endurance is also built because of the high demand of strength and speed in this game. When they follow the play, players need to run up and down the field. It is just like playing soccer, basketball and hockey rolled into one. Endurance is built when the body is pushed past its limits.

Field strategy and vision are learned together by lacrosse players. In any team sport, you need to strategize so that you can play defense or score on offense. Some of these offensive strategies include always moving, making passes sharp and quick, catching every pass moving towards the ball, and having a backup man behind all the time. On the defense end, the strategies involve keeping yourself low, keeping eyes on the opponent’s chest, and finding a way for the opposing players to use their weak hand.

Discipline is developed when playing a sport like lacrosse. Players need the discipline to be able to attend all practices, endure rigorous training, and focus on the game. When a team is disciplined, they remain humble when they win, and they learn to accept defeat. And this is perhaps the greatest benefit that playing lacrosse gives to its players.

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