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Strategies to Manage the Panic Attack

Panic attack refers to sudden fears, anxieties and intense surges which one experience when they are under attack. The attacks have both emotions, behavioral and physical symptoms. Some physical panic attack symptoms include difficulty in breathing, heart pounding, sweating, trembling while patients can experience heart pains, losing touch with reality or being unconscious among others. Panic attacks are manageable by using various techniques recommended by a psychotherapist. The following are strategies of coping with panic account;

The First step is to recognize you have a panic attack. This is the first step and most crucial proven way of healing panic attack. This will help you understand it is normal, less vital compared to heart attack. You will able to relax and encourage yourself it is temporally and it will come to an end. By doing that, you will be determined to see professional help from a counselor or medical help. Also it will help you apply techniques to manage the symptoms of the panic attack.

Secondly, take deep breath, this will help you reduce other behavioral and physical symptoms of panic attack. Take several deep breaths in and out your mouth in count of four. This exercise will help you relax and calm down thus overcoming the panic attack.

Third, you should consider engaging in alight exercise. These gentle like exercises include jumping, swinging, singing, swimming, walking among others can reduce or help you manage panic attacks. During these exercises the endorphins ensure the blood is flowing well in the body. This ensures more endorphins are produced thus improving our body moods. Once you’re in good mood you will be able to deal with panic attack.

Another technique is closing your eyes. Some panic attack is triggered by the things you see or watch thus overwhelming you. When you encounter a panic attack close your eyes to block the stimuli which trigger the panic. Also, this exercise will help you to stabilize and relax.

Picture your happy place. Once you encounter a panic attack, just figure out being in your dream place in the world. Think of the best place you would live to visit for vacation or just to relax. Picture yourself there and focus on pleasant details like the beautiful sceneries, fresh smell, and warm sand among others. The place should be calm, relaxing and quiet.

Another simple strategy to deal with the panic attack is the application of muscle relaxation approaches. The Muscle relaxation technique works almost the same as deep breathing approach. It helps you to relax and control the symptoms of the panic attack by controlling your body to panic triggers and how it responds.

Lastly, it is encouraged to have a life mantra which you keep reciting and reminding yourself one you encounter a panic attack. For example, you can say” I’m strong I can overcome this or surely this will come to pass”. The mantra will support you to relax and also reassures you everything will be alright. Repeat it till you feel the panic attack is over.

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