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The Ultimate Guide for Drying Your Hair

When handling matters to do with hair, one aspect that is a no go zone for many people would be the use of blow driers. When you talk to some females about it, you will realize that they claim that the effort most individuals put into blow drying their hair is not really worth it; and instead of doing all that, they forgo the entire procedure of giving it a wash just so they do not have to dry it. Instead of stressing about how to dry your hair using any other method apart from blow drying or hair plopping, then you should keep reading this piece as we have plenty of things that might interest you. With every individual having a varied objective and goal to attain, a different category of hair texture and a certain appearance that varies from one person to the next while drying their hair, no one should ever have to worry about the correct or incorrect method of having it dried.

As said earlier, there are different objectives that we usually have in mind while drying hair so we will start by getting it straight. If you find someone practicing hair plopping, it means that this is not their end goal. The thing about straight hair is that you can get it from home by doing a professional blow out. Blow outs might, admittedly, be challenging to perform on your own hair but the truth is that the same procedure can give similar results that a salon can provide. All you require is a round brush and a suitable hair drier which you will use to blow your hair upwardly, while combing until it dries.

The most effective way to maintain healthy hair that is also non-heat damaged is to always air dry it after washing as long as you have no rush to any place. For those that have curly hair and want to maintain it that way, hair plopping is the best method for you. However, you need the kind of hair which falls below your shoulders for this hair plopping method to be effective which means that if your is short, it will not work. For this method, you require conditioner, oil and cream which you apply after you wash it, then leave it either for some few minutes to dry or even overnight while covered in a microfiber towel or t-shirt.

Besides hair plopping, one can as well dampen their hair and achieve curls by combing it after a wash, then using sponge rollers or coils for that matter. Remember, you can only try any method to know what brings out the most amazing outcomes.

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