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Get to Know the Top Artists Who Have Redefined Portraiture

You will find so many portrait artists in the art world today. With so much talent, you may be wondering which ones are responsible for revolutionizing the genre of portraiture. This page has more for you regarding portraiture, check it out. Get to know some of the artists who have redefined portraiture in this article.

One of the big names to note is Lauren Brevner. Lauren has learned mixed-media artistry by herself. Lauren grew up in a mixed heritage family, and this has helped her a lot when it comes to inspiration and culture, and it finds its way into her portraits. She went ahead to study in Japan, where her art journey began. Her portraits usually carry a female form, and she uses acrylic, oil, and resin to create them.

Portraiture could not have been what it is without Daniel Greene. He is famous as the first pastel artist in the United States. While his portraits cover different mediums, such as oil, he primarily uses pastels.

Kehinde Wiley is another top artist known for creating portraits of black people even though he is an American portrait artist. His painting is done as a political act and is drawn in elements of gender, class, race, sexuality, and identity. He currently paints in New York, and regularly holds model castings on the streets. Some of his paintings are inspired by noblemen, aristocrats, and royalty. To view some of his portraits, check it out here.

Eric Daigh is another one, and his way of reinventing portraiture is by using a medium that not many other artists use, that is pushpins. Each portrait that he does needs an average of 11,000 pushpins, and he puts them in place one by one. To view how artwork can be created using pushpins, check it out on this site.

Another top artist is Cindy Sherman. She is a contemporary self-portrait artist who does portraits of herself in different ways. Her artwork requires her to play many roles at a time, being her own makeup artist, hairdresser, and photographer. For more information on Cindy Sherman, check it out on this page.

JR is a street artist and photographer who is known to have the largest art gallery in the world. He is said to have a large art gallery since his photographs are memorialized in different places in the whole world on walls as supersized versions of themselves. JR’s photos are free, thus making them accessible to different people around the world. Some of his artwork is available here, check it out.

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