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Essentials For You To Do When You Have Lost Your Retainer

You will find that you are given retainers when you experience a procedure at the dentist involving teeth realignment. When you are out dining at a restaurant, you will find that you take out your retainer and most people wrap it in a napkin. You enjoy your time with friends and later forget your retainer at the restaurant you were in. It becomes a challenge for you to find the retainer because the hotel already put it in a garbage bin. You should have the retainer to ensure your teeth realign and heal. Consider looking for a way to help you find the retainer. You can do the following things to help you when you lose your retainer.

It is vital for your retainer is ever held in a secure area. When you get a new retainer, you should consider to always have it near you or where you can remember you kept. It is not advisable to place the retainer in a napkin or plate when in a hotel or restaurant as you may lose it. The best way to keep it safe is to purchase a casing meant for keeping your retainer in all the places you go. You should get another retainer as a backup in case you lose the other.

You should get in touch with your orthodontist when you lose your retainer. Your orthodontist should be the first person to contact because it may take longer to get you a new retainer. For a new retainer to be made, you should present yourself physically at the orthodontist’s offices for them to take your teeth’s mold. After this, you will be required to wait a little longer to get your new retainer. Find out from your orthodontist if the retainer can be fixed or you require new ones.

When you lose your retainer, consider having it replaced. When you do not have a retainer, your teeth risk going back to where they were, and the process of ensuring they remain in place is started. Therefore, to have your retainer in the most immediate time, ensure that you go to the orthodontist to have a mold of your teeth taken. Your impression of teeth is not identical to that of another.

Inquire from the orthodontist what you will do before you get your new retainer. Teeth will shift back without the use of a retainer, therefore, ensure you understand ways that can help you slow the shifting process. You can use a simple, clear aligner to help slow the shifting process. In the period you do not have a retainer, ensure you do not subject your mouth and teeth to pressure, read more about how to get a new retainer on this site.

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